we know how important it is to blend teaching God’s truth with fellowship and personal experiences. We love sharing our stories, our triumph’s, our struggles and our love for Jesus Christ with other women. Whether you are seeking a deeper relationship with God or are just starting down this path toward Him…we are here for you.

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Come to the Well…Living Free

In Samaritan villages, the water well was a gathering place where women met one another to draw water and share pieces of their lives. The well was also where the Samaritan woman first encountered Jesus and was spiritually healed, after which she shared the Good News with those in her village. This conference will provide teachings on how we can abide in Christ, listen and learn His truth, and come to a place of freedom. We can stop searching, running, hiding, longing…and simply come to Jesus.

Joyful Presence

what is the secret to finding real peace and joy? Have you noticed how some seem to find strength in hard times while others of us feel like giving up? One of the greatest privileges we have is to sit in the presence of God, and yet we miss these opportunities time and time again. We become depleted, frustrated, and angry. How can we stop the chaos in our unsettled souls? Come journey with us to the home of two women who figured out that the Joyful Presence of Jesus would change their lives forever.

Holding Fast to Hope

Enjoy an event filled with sharing the hope we have in Jesus. Receive teachings on becoming a Hope-Filled Woman in today’s culture and understand how the promises of God are very much for you! Discover deeper revelation into the character of God and who God says you are—your true identity in Him. Be encouraged that the promises of God are for you in your specific circumstances and situations. Our hope in God is developed as we study, meditate upon, understand, and believe His Word is the Truth worth clinging to. Let’s develop our hope, faith and trust in God’s promises.

Patient Pursuit

Explore God’s pursuit of us and His unfailing love for us. His mind is full of good thoughts toward us, and He has made the way for us! There are many pathways we can pursue in our lives. But there’s only one path that leads to an abundant life. Jesus, as our Good Shepherd, has set us free from sin and destruction. He rescues, helps, protects, guides, and provides for us. He pursues us with passion. What holds us back from responding to His pursuit?

Developing Intimacy with God

Making Jesus your Non-Negotiable—as in our relationships with each other, we must invest ourselves in our relationship with God to develop intimacy with Him. Walk with us through a step-by-step instructional in building and nurturing your relationship with God.

Less of Me, More of Him

A Fasted Lifestyle

“If a little is good, more must be better.” The world has adopted this lie, and commercialism has run wild with it. A market of selfishness and self-indulgence continues to influence our culture, leaving people governed by their flesh and emotions instead of their spirits. Yet, Jesus bids us to follow Him—not the world. How can we be sure we are rooted in truth, and not ruled by our flesh? Together, let’s explore the scriptures and learn the importance of a fasted lifestyle.

From the Inside Out

Set Apart for God

How can we truly live for God in a world that tells us the opposite? Instead of following the temptation to live a life centered on self-seeking pleasures, temporary distractions, and destructive behaviors/relationships, we can choose to be different. True beauty, true purpose, and true fulfillment come once we live a life surrendered to Jesus. When we encounter Jesus in a deep and personal way, He transforms us from the inside out.

Facing Fear, Finding Hope 

Today’s world can be a frightening place. Sometimes things seem so scary that we can lose hope. How do we arise from those places into an abundant life? Don’t’ despair. Learn, or be reminded, God provides us what we need to live victoriously in Christ day-by-day. It is God who equips us with every good thing to accomplish His will for His glory. God promises an abundant life – come and get it!

Finding Peace For Your Soul


ur culture tells us that to truly live, we need to work hard, stay busy, be productive, and have a “don’t stop ‘til it’s done” attitude. However, no matter how much we are doing or how hard we are working, it never seems to be enough. How do you find refreshment? Where do you go to rest? How much can our minds and bodies take of this “go, go, go” mentality? God offers us a better way. Come find the peace your soul longs for and finally feel content, satisfied, and free.

Woman of Worth

Did you know that you are God’s masterpiece? He has created you beautifully, wonderfully, and miraculously, but it doesn’t stop there—He has prepared good things for you to do and enjoy. Journey with us to discover just how valuable you really are.

Grace-filled Friendships

What kind of woman do you seek to be? What imprint will you leave on the lives of those you touch? Are you a friend others need to have, or need to avoid? A true friendship is a treasure. We are given opportunities to build other women up with grace and love, or to leave them injured with harshness and lies. Let’s peek into God’s word to receive a better understanding of what a graceful friendship might look like through the eyes of scripture. Truly understanding what it means to be a woman of grace can only come from a God who bestows it abundantly.

Praying Ugly

Steadfast Hope in Faith-Shaking Circumstances

We’ve all experienced an “ugly cry”—you know, the type of crying that feels good and bad at the same time? It can occur after a severe tragedy, upon receiving a highly desired blessing, or perhaps for no reason at all. God is not surprised by our “ugly cries,” for He created us with emotion and the ability to do so. Let’s learn how we can pray through those ugly cries and find His help in times of need.

Organized Living

Does God care about our clutter? Is our disheveled living impacting our ability to grow our faith? Maybe you don’t know where to begin or feel you don’t even have the strength to pull it all together. Whether your hope is to get organized, clear clutter, manage time more efficiently, or reach personal goals, let’s replace what isn’t working with effective habits that last! Create the kind of space that will allow you to live a more joyful, less hectic life.

Armor Up!

Did you know that you are the perfect mom for your children? Do you believe that God chose you to care for and love them well? One of the greatest ways to love your child is to pray for them each and every day. There are so many pressures, temptations, and hardships in this world, and we can easily fall into praying only when our kids are troubled. Come receive biblical truths and grow a deeper desire to intercede for your young, teen, and your adult children.

Hard Core

Maintain Your Aim

Have you ever set a goal and failed to achieve it? Have you had a dream that’s been set on the shelf? Are you solid, strong, and resolute in the direction of your life? Explore what it takes to check those goals off your list as completed, make your distant dreams come true, and become fierce in the pathway of your life. Believe it or not, God has set His vision, strength, power, and purpose in you. He is committed to your success—are you?

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