Speaking Topics – We love to partner with women in their pursuit of Hope! Whether you are seeking a deeper relationship with God or are just starting down this path toward Him—we are here for you. We offer a variety of ways to come alongside you and help make your women’s gatherings both meaningful and fun!

How We Partner

• Conference/Event Keynote

• Conference Break-Out Session

• Retreats: Overnight or Weekend

• Devotional Time for Meetings, Events, and Luncheons

• Mother/Daughter Events

• And more…

Come to the Well

How we can abide in Christ, listen, and learn His Truth, and come to a place of freedom? We can stop searching…and simply come to Jesus.

Joyful Presence

Come journey with us to the home of two women who discovered the presence of Jesus would change their lives forever.

Holding Fast to Hope Retreats

Develop your faith and trust in God’s promises as we share the hope of Jesus.

Patient Pursuit

Explore God’s pursuit of us and His unfailing love. What holds us back from responding?

From the Inside Out

When we encounter Jesus in a deep and personal way, He transforms us from the inside out.

Facing Fear Finding Hope

God who equips us with every good thing to accomplish His will for His glory. He promises an abundant life — grab ahold of it!

Armor Up!

One of the greatest ways to love your children is to pray for them daily. Receive biblical truths and grow a deeper desire to intercede for them.

Organized Living

Does God care about your clutter? Is your disheveled living impacting your ability to grow your faith?

Praying Ugly

God is not surprised by our “ugly cries!” Let’s learn how we can pray, even rejoice, through those moments and find His help in times of need.