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Humility in Serving

In humility I choose to value others.
Help me, Lord, to be a reflection of You
as I serve others in all I do.

Focus of the month: “A Beautiful Reflection”

Have you ever had someone open a car door for you? Do you think in doing it, that person felt unworthy, insignificant, or unassertive? Or, have you ever waited to fix your plate at a family meal – hoping there was enough food for everyone in front of you? Not caring if there was anything left for your plate, you just lingered at the end of the line. Did you feel lowly, unworthy, or neglected in doing so?

My assumptions on both accounts would be a resounding “NO!” The person opening a door for another is simply serving – fully confident of his or her own worth and ability to do so. The one, hanging at the end of the food line, prayerfully in faith, is putting the needs of others above her own. After all, most of us could stand to fast a meal or two…  But that’s another message.

The dictionary tells us humility means to have a modest or low view of oneself; to be diffident, unassertive, and ranked low. These definitions procure a sense of lowliness, unworthiness, and insignificance.

However, true humility is instead being secure enough in your own worth that you are able to serve others by choice, sacrificially.  Humility does not mean you are a doormat to the whims of others. It does not mean others rule over you, to your harm and their benefit. And, it certainly does not mean others can take advantage of you and use you.

Jesus set beautiful examples of serving in humility. I think of the stories of His birth, the child on His lap, the Last Supper, the washing of the disciples feet, His obedience at the cross… He opened not His mouth… All the while, in every occurrence, He humbled Himself for the benefit of us – not HAVING to, but CHOOSING to.

The Bible has a seemingly different definition of humility. But you have to dig and study and believe who Jesus has made you – to really understand it. In Philippians 2, Paul instructs us to do nothing from selfish ambition. Instead, we are to value others and recognize their interests. It’s not that we devalue ourselves. We are just as worthy as they are. But, we put their needs ahead of our own. Being self-centered is self-seeking and selfish. Looking to the needs and interests of others is serving others in humility.

If we are new creations in Christ, we are to be a beautiful reflection of Him. We aren’t forced to lay our lives down. Rather, we choose to lay our lives down to serve others. In doing so, we receive wisdom, honor, and promotion. But its not that we choose to serve in humility so that we will enjoy the benefits. On the contrary, we choose to humble ourselves, knowing Jesus – who humbled Himself for us – meets our every need.

Truly, it all goes back to the spiritual law that whatsoever one sows, that shall he or she reap. When we place the needs of others before our own, our needs will be met. Truly, we will be served when we serve in humility. When we submit ourselves to others, Jesus is exalted and we become a beautiful reflection of Him who saved us.

In humility, value others.

Holding to Fast to Hope,

Scripture References: Philippians 2:3-9; Proverbs 11:2, 18:12; Psalms 69:32; Luke 14:11; James 4:10; 1 Peter 5:5-7; Galatians 6:7


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